Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Whenever there is a rarity reported within a decent driving distance I often dither and don't go and see it straightaway.Recently another rarity was reported and again I dithered but inspired by the stunning shots taken by my good friend Pete Walkden and the fact I'd never seen one before I decided I must go and see it hoping I was not too late.

On Tuesday evening as soon as the weather man said tomorrow would be a good day I decided I would go for it.I should say go for them because at a site just south of Gloucester a pair of Penduline Tits had been favouring the reeds on a small lake.

Got up early on Wednesday and was greeted with steady rain when I opened the blinds.Thanks a bunch weather man ! ! ! Undaunted I set off at 8.15 AM and after a damp journey got to the site (only a couple of miles from J 11 on the M5) at not long after 9.30 AM.There was no one else there. Oh Dear don't tell me I'd got to find the birds myself.  

After about 30 mins I spotted one low down in the reeds but it soon shot off. Great a Life Tick! ! I then had a spot of luck Pete Walkden turned up and advised that we should stand by the streamline and the pair of Peduline Tits would eventually fly over our heads and land in the bushes the other side of the stream.After a short wait they did just this but didn't stay too long and I only got this shot.

After another 30 mins they flew in again and landed in the reeds.Very hard to get a shot as they were about 40 m away and well hidden.This is my best shots.Not good but getting better.

Again as Pete predicted after a while they flew from the reeds and back into the bushes just the other side  of the stream.This time they did not fly away straightaway.For an age they remained deep in the bushes so shots were hard but I was able to increase my already very large twig shot collection.Here are my best in the bushes shots.Getting better.

After a while they began to show more in the open so I was able to get some better shots.What cracking looking birds.

There were other birds on the site amongst the better ones were Chiffchaffs,Reed Buntings, Long Tailed Tits and this Grey Wagtail. 


Dave Shakespeare said...

Great piccys, nice bird.

Dave Shakespeare said...
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Max Silverman said...

Cheers Dave.