Saturday, 26 March 2016


For the first time in quite a while the weather yesterday was sunny so a bit earlier than usual I headed over to Marsh Lane.

The only decent bird I found on the CP pool other than 5 Goosanders which were far too distant for shots was a nice looking Herring Gull. 


In front of the Oak hide a Cormorant was fishing.It looked very good in the morning sunshine.

The Med Gull was still on the RW pool but annoyingly despite flying around a lot during my two hour stay never ever landed anywhere near the hide.Got a few distant shots.

The Ruff was also still on the RW pool.It's been around now for over a week.If anything it was more annoying than the Med. Gull because every time it threatened to come close to the hide when feeding it stopped and went back the way it had come.This happened many times.I had to move into swearing mode several times.Did get a few shots though.   

A Peregrine suddenly appeared high above the RW pool and I managed a few shots.No keepers but very nice to see.

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