Tuesday, 29 March 2016


This wimp was very brave this morning because despite yet again having a bad back I got in the car and went over to Marsh Lane.Luckily for me I bumped into Kath Everitt in the car park and she rode shotgun as I hobbled down to Oak hide.

We were both surprised to find it very cold in the hide with a bitter wind whistling in.We soon established that the only show in town was the long staying Med. Gull and a Jack Snipe well hidden but close to the hide in the marsh.

As I was getting some more long distance shots of the Med. Gull .John sitting next to me found a second Med. Gull.Although they were only a couple of metres from each other they did not make contact and one of them soon flew off.The second shot below shows a different bird (well I think it does the wings still have some black showing ??).

I did manage a decent shot of one of the Med. Gulls which I'm pleased with as it was a long way off and it was in a bad mood.

The pair of Great Crested Grebes were doing their mating dance but it didn't last long.Too cold ? ?

Saw my first Sand Martins of the year on the CP pool but they didn't stay long.Couldn't resist getting some crappographs.

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