Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Every birder has a favourite place to go and see Red Kites and hardly anyone has the same place as anyone else.My favourite place is the village of Watlington which is 3 miles west of J 6 on the M 40 and yesterday just after 9.00 AM that's where I set off for.

I'd heard there was a problem on the motorway near the Stonebridge island but as I go through Warwick and get on at J 12 this was not going to affect me.Of course I was wrong and my route was jammed up with traffic avoiding the problem.It took me much longer to get to Watlington. 

I finally got there just before 11.00 AM so you can see how long it took me to get there and as I got out the car in the village free car park I was greeted by at least half a dozen Red Kites cruising overhead.

You can stay in the car park for some good views but if you walk no more than 50 metres  to the south of the car park you come to the Carriers Arms pub and their gardens are a great place to sit down with a drink and watch the Kites cruising over head often coming very close.Great spot to see these cracking birds.

Here is a selection of shots I took in the pub gardens.

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