Saturday, 4 June 2016


I think the Summer birding doldrums may have arrived already as I have been struggling to get any decent shots since my visit to the Chilterns for the Red Kites last week.Things have not been helped by me doing my back in yet again this time whilst doing some light gardening.I hadn't been digging up a tree stump all morning for goodness sake I was doing some light pruning.What a wimp ! ! !

A couple of visits to my local patch Marsh Lane were very quiet and the only shots I took were of a young Pied Wagtail screaming out to Mom "Get me some food Dammit I'm starving" and of The Beast as it flew very low and slow over the rail line.Very impressive sight.


Yesterday morning I went over to Brueton Park in Solihull to visit the small NR there.Glad I went because the weather man's gloomy forecast was wrong and it was bright and sunny.

No Nuthatches on the cafe feeders was a disappointment but I did manage to get a decent Jay shot on my walk round.

In one of the glades I spotted a Goldcrest. One of my favourite birds. I love them to bits however they are a devil to get a decent shot of but great fun trying.Spent a pleasant hour trying and did OK but nothing special as I had a lot of trouble focusing on them against the dark of the foliage.

The Terrapin was sunning itself on a tree stump.I'm sure it's got bigger since I last saw it a few months ago.It appears to have pretty formidable claws as well.

There was only one young Grey Heron still on a nest in the mini Heronry.I assume all the others have left.

A very pleasant morning at this little NR but I had to scurry off earlier than I would have done because the dreaded warning "Half Term" had slipped my mind and soon the place was filling up with very noisy kids.

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