Monday, 9 May 2016


I regularly make mistakes when birding and on Sunday morning I made another which I am still seething about 2 days later.I usually go to Marsh Lane my local patch Sunday mornings but as I'd been down there most days recently I thought I'd have a change and go and see if there were any Spotted Flycatchers in the churchyard at Berkswell. Big Big mistake because while I was there seeing nothing 30 Black Terns were on the RW pool at Marsh Lane.Damn ! ! !

I did get my first shots of some Swallows and some House Martins on my way home which helped a bit to ease the pain. 

Popped down to Marsh Lane this morning for a quick luck secretly hoping a stray Black Tern was still there but of course there wasn't. Did get a shot of a Green Woodpecker on the main path and a nice male Bullfinch on the RW embankment.

Common Terns numbers are now building up and at least one pair were trying to increase numbers even more this morning.

There was a nice Linnet along the causeway.

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