Saturday, 11 June 2016


After the excitement earlier in the week with the stunning summer plumage Black Necked Grebe showing so well for a couple of days on the Engine pool at Earlswood I came down to earth with a bump seeing nothing at all despite going out a few times.

On Thursday I went to Hanbury Hall the NT property. I went there with one aim in mind and that was to see a Spotted Flycatcher.I love these chaps to bits and every year I go after them and usually I am very successful but this year I have checked out 4 of  the places I usually see them but have drawn a blank so my trip to Hanbury Hall was the last throw of the dice.

I headed straight to the wall climber where they have nested for the last 3 years but despite waiting patiently for an age I didn't see one.Oh Dear ! ! Am I going to miss out this year ? ? Serves me right for boasting every year how many local places I knew where to see them.

The only shot I took while walking the extensive grounds at Hanbury Hall was this Song Thrush.I left just after lunch pretty depressed.

Early yesterday morning I went down to Marsh Lane to try and see the Grasshopper Warbler that has eluded me on my last couple of visits.However despite waiting patiently I didn't hear it reeling let alone seeing it.

Very little about elsewhere on the reserve and the only excitement was when these 3 Oystercatchers who were minding their own business were attacked by a Coot.

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