Monday, 20 June 2016


Despite the recent rain I have managed to get out there a few times since my last blog but I'm blowed if I can find any decent birds locally to point the camera at but I suppose we are in the Summer doldrums.

A good banker for me is the Brueton Park NR in Solihull but recently I drew a blank here.It was very quiet and only the small Heronry gave me an opportunity for some shots.

Did see a pair of Nuthatches on a friend's feeder but couldn't get any decent shots.

After the rain stopped this morning I popped over to Marsh Lane for the first time for a while.I was amazed how many BH Gull chicks there were on the islands.There must be well over 100.

I struggled to get any shots but did get a nice one of a Reed Warbler.

Got this shot of a juvenile.I think it's of a Reed Warbler as well but I'm not certain.

There are quite a few Common Tern chicks on the islands.They are very cute and it's hard to believe that in only a few months they'll have to fly all the way to S Africa.

Very worrying was when I was alone on site when a couple of Gunships flew right over the Oak hide.Were they after me ???? 

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