Friday, 15 July 2016


Went to Marsh Lane yesterday getting there mid morning.

Impressed myself for once by spotting something interesting as I started to walk down the causeway.The bird  was a silhouette because of the bright sun behind but I could see a long tail.It was in a tree just where the path crosses the stream so it was along way off when I first spotted it.

Could get no further down the path than the hides because there was no cover but I could see it was a juvenile Cuckoo.I managed a few decent distant shots before a Crow scared it off.My first Cuckoo shots of the year.


My back garden for years was pretty decent for birds but last winter and so far this summer it has been very disappointing.This week it has improved a bit with a pair of Robins gathering food for their chicks have visited my patio and have not been bothered by me often coming very close. 

Yesterday a juvenile Jay was in my neighbour's tree screeching out all afternoon.Managed a shot or two when it landed on the clothes line cover.

Also visiting the garden yesterday were a pair of Common Buzzards a large flock of young Long-tailedTits and a pair of Coal Tits (no shots of these too gloomy).

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