Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I had just got back home yesterday afternoon from yet another visit to see the Spotted Flycatchers when I received a twitter post " Great White Egret at Marsh Lane" with a full head shot of the bird.It had been posted by Dave Hutton from whom I gleaned it had been on the reedbed pool.Right I thought I must go for this.

Like a fool I had not asked when it had been seen so when I got to the CP and saw the place was empty I assumed I had missed it and again was too late.However just as I picked up my camera look what flew over my head heading to the reedbed pool.I went from depressed mode to panic mode in a split second but luckily got some shots.

I raced down to the reedbed pool hide (alright I ambled down to the hide) and there it was showing at the back of the pool.I took a few shots but as I was engrossed in texting the news out when I looked again it had gone.

Half an hour later after a walk round when I checked in the hide again Danny was there and he had no luck so I decided to leave.Luckily for me just as I was getting in the car Danny had raced back and said it was on show again.It had not left but had been out of site to right of the hide.It was a lot closer this time.Thanks Danny.

Only ones I'd seen before were at distance at Shapwick Heath so I was able to get some decent shots.

Whilst getting shots of the GW Egret this chap showed very briefly in front of the hide and I managed a shot as it flew off.

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ana maliana said...

nice photo very profesional provide of nature, love it all
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