Thursday, 28 July 2016


I went down to Marsh Lane lunchtime on Wednesday hoping that the Great White Egret that showed so well on the reed bed pool earlier in the week would show up again.

After a long wait in the reed bed pool hide everything was very quiet and no sign of the GWE which was probably on a tour of it's favourite midland haunts.I then left the hide and had a walk round.I saw a lone Common Sandpiper on the RW pool and 4 Little Egrets on the gravel bar near the river hide.

However the excitement for the day occurred as I was half way down the path from the oak hide when I heard an alarm call and all the Lapwings went up from the RW pool.Whenever this happens I hardly ever spot what has caused it but I was lucky for once and spotted a Peregrine flying sorties round the RW pool.Managed some decent shots.

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