Sunday, 28 August 2016


Since the high of seeing and getting some decent shots of a Purple Heron at Otmoor a couple of weeks ago I've struggled to catch up with any decent birds locally.In my defense there has been a couple of distractions that haven't helped.The first my back has been playing up yet again and this kept me in for a while.

The second one was I bought a new car when I had not planned to do so.Despite the fact that my 5 year old Audi A1 was playing up a bit and a couple of savings accounts both just had the interest rates reduced to laughable levels I had no intention lashing out for a new car when I paid a visit to my Audi dealership just to have a look round.

However the deal I was offered if I bought a new A1 was amazing and I couldn't resist.This was not down to my negotiating skills it was down to Audi desperate to fill their August quotas ( apparently no one wants to buy a new car till the new number plates come out in September so August is a dead month for sales).

Back to birds I did manage a few shots before Saturday but not many. 

To illustrate how desperate I was I tried to turn this shot taken from the RW hide at Marsh Lane into a Golden Oriole but alas it wasn't.

This Saturday morning as soon as I got a text from Nic Barlow that 4 Black Terns were on the CP pool at marsh Lane I shot over there.Luckily they were still there but unluckily for the whole 2 hours I was there they never came anywhere near the hide so no decent shots but great to see.

Other birds around that morning were a distant Wheatear and a short staying Hobby which also would not come close. I just missed seeing a pair of Greenshanks.

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