Friday, 2 September 2016


Went to Marsh Lane yesterday mid morning planning to stay for a while and try to get some decent shots of a Hobby that has been visiting the reserve on a regular basis recently.

This plan pretty soon went down the tubes because it failed to show up and to make matters worse there was nothing else decent about.In fact up till lunchtime the only bit of excitement was "The Beast" flying in very low over Sidden Wood.

Whilst having lunch in the car park a pretty tatty Common Buzzard came into range and I was able to get some bird shots.

After lunch I decided to give the Hobby a chance to turn up so I settled down in the river hide for a while.I was thinking of giving up an hour later when a raptor suddenly turned up.Not a Hobby but a darned good substitute a Peregrine ( a juvenile I think).

I had a mad couple of minutes trying to get some shots as it zoomed all over the place often directly in the sun which did not help but I managed a few decent shots.

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