Tuesday, 9 August 2016


At 9.00 AM this morning just as they opened I went on a walk round the NT property grounds at Baddesley Clinton to see if any decent birds were about.I hadn't gone far when I received a text from my good friend Pete Walkden : "Am going to Otmoor for the Purple Heron do you fancy coming along"

I of course said "Yes Please" and raced back home.Not long after 10.00 AM a Skoda Yeti pulled up outside my house and off we set down the M 40.We got there at 11.15 AM to find the car park full to the brim but Pete undeterred skillfully parked on a small patch of land just over the bridge.Mind you it was so close to a ditch I had to get out the car from the driver's side.

As we walked down the main path from the paddocks a couple of birders told us it had recently flew from the right of the marsh into roughly the centre so we positioned ourselves on the path near the two ponds.

It seemed like ages had gone by just staring into the marshy field with no sign of the Purple Heron.So in desperation I started to eat a sandwich as this often gets a bird to show when you least want it to but this failed.However straight after when Pete and I both started to eat apples it suddenly sprung up and showed. Apples were dropped and cameras grabbed.A Life Tick for me !!!

It then showed on and off for the next half hour before flying a long way off to the left.With it's colouring against the brown grass in the field it was not easy to lock onto but I managed some decent shots.  

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