Wednesday, 3 August 2016


This morning not long after 8.00 AM I set off for Draycote Water to see the Wood Sandpiper that had been near the outfall for the last couple of days.Two things worried me one being would it still be there and the other one was would my dicky knee let me get to the outfall and more importantly would it let me get back to the car park.

As I got near the outfall I met two old friends Bob (Hazell) and Keith who both told me it had just flown having been disturbed by some fishermen who were fishing in it's favourite spot.Oh Dear ! !

All was not lost because there were a few waders showing quite well in the same area.There were up to 7 Little Ringed Plovers.All juveniles I think.

There also was a lone Common Sandpiper (no shots too distant) and a lone Dunlin.

Much later on the walk back to the CP I found a Little Egret feeding on the shore line.

On or near the pontoons were a few of the larger Gulls which I of course could not ID at the time but have sent the shots of to a friend just in case there is something decent.I'm pretty certain the third one is a Herring Gull and not a Yellow Legged Gull.  


Later addition : I've been told that the first is a GBB Gull the second is a LBB Gull the third is a Herring Gull and the fourth is a Yellow Legged Gull.

Well what about the Wood Sandpiper then ? Well there is good and bad news as usual.The good is it was found again.The bad is that it was a long way off and it soon disappeared again.So I still have not got a decent shot of one.These are all heavily cropped.It looked stunning through Bob's scope so it was a pity it did not come into range. 

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