Saturday, 24 September 2016


Dashed over to Earlswood Lakes Friday lunchtime after a Yellow Browed Warbler had been "heard but not seen" by the car park on Valley Road.When I arrived just before 1.15 PM there were no birders about and after a bit of a look round I had no luck.Did see a Treecreeper and a Nuthatch though.

Had no luck this morning at Marsh Lane (except a distant LR Plover and a distant YL Gull) till as I left the CP hide I spotted a distant Kestrel hovering well to the left of the oak tree.My first sighting of a Kestrel for many months.

Managed a few long range shots of it hovering in the gloomy conditions.

As usual with raptors it flew off but away towards the sheep field.I was just about to switch into heavy duty swearing mode when it suddenly appeared again flew to check me out.

It couldn't have liked what it had seen because it veered off and soon was way off in the distance.Managed a few more shots in the rather poor light.

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