Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Popped over to Marsh Lane on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to see if I could find anything to get shots of.

On Tuesday it was very gloomy and there was rain in the air.Did not do too well and the only shots I took were of a Water Rail from the N causeway hide.It was very dark in the reeds and the bird soon scurried off. 

It was a bright morning when I got there on Wednesday.A Green Sandpiper was spotted on the CP pool but it soon flew off.Luckily I found it soon after on the RW pool but it was well to the right of the oak hide.Pleased to see it though as it was the first I'd seen for quite a while.Managed a few heavily cropped shots before it flew off.

The only other thing of interest was when a juvenile LBB Gull (?) flew in and was attacked by a flock of Jackdaws.  

Hoping to find a Yellow Browed Warbler (fat chance) along the causeway I did spot a Warbler but I'm not sure if it's a Chiffchaff or not ?

A lone Little Egret was on the CP pool just before I left.

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