Sunday, 4 September 2016


Marsh Lane had entered the Midland reserve's Autumn Bird Race so on Saturday morning not long after 7.00 AM I set off from home to give my help.

As I went through the CP gates I saw a couple of tents set up and I thought My God some people are keen and have been here all night.I soon found out that the tents belonged to the Brewood Ringers.

I stayed on the reserve for a couple of hours but  all the birds I found had already been ticked and in the end the only contribution I made was a Peregrine that flew over the CP pool.

When it started raining I set off home but not before checking with the ringers and grabbing a few shots.I was pleased to get a shot of a Garden Warbler as it was the first one I'd seen this Summer.

What amazed me was in the back gate coppice area the ringers caught 25+ Blackcaps and nearly as many Chiffchaffs but when I go down there and wait in a in a good spot I never see much.

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