Friday, 21 October 2016


This morning having heard that the day before a couple of Red-breasted Mergansers had been spotted at Shustoke Reservoir I popped over there arriving at 11.00 AM.

I had a good scan round from the car park but I could not spot them.A couple of birders then walked past and said that they had seen them right down the east end of the reservoir.I didn't fancy walking all the way down there and was thinking of leaving when a John friend from Marsh Lane turned up and persuaded me to tag along.

From the bank on the east end of the reservoir we couldn't find them (John has a decent scope) so we gave up.However just as we hadn't gone too far down the north bank I scanned back and saw them about 30 metres away.

The light was awful and all I managed was this shot.

However luck was with me and they slowly swam towards the bank at the east end and I was able to flank them and get the sun behind me allowing me to take some decent shots.Cracking birds that I very rarely see.

Also seen in a 2 hour stay were a male Goldeneye, a Common Sandpiper, a Rock Pipit and several Grey Wagtails.

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