Friday, 14 October 2016


Popped over to Marsh Lane this morning getting there at 9.15 AM and was pleased to find the weather very good for this time of year.

On the CP pool there was a couple of female Goldeneyes but they didn't stay long and never came close.

The Pintail was still there on the CP pool but as usual stayed a fair way off. I've been told it's not a female but a male in eclipse. 

A female Stonechat then flew in and landed on the reed mace to the right of the CP hide.Wouldn't come close but great to see.My first Stonechat for a long time.

Just before I got to the oak hide everything on the RW pool took off but despite a long look I couldn't find what had scared everything off.However when I got into the hide look what was on one of the islands about 70 metres away.

A Sparrowhawk (male) soon flew off and out of site but only after a couple of minutes it landed on the island again for a few seconds and then flying off into the distance.

Did see a Kestrel on the way back to the CP hide but it was always flying away.

Back in the CP hide again I was surprised to see the Stonechat still there on the reed mace.I was very pleased when it did come closer enabling me to get some decent shots.

Unknown to me as I was filling in the sitebook at 11.45 AM just before I left my good friend Glen Giles had found 4 Bearded Tits on the reed bed pool.I had checked that out 15 minutes before that and of course saw nothing.

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