Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Back still keeping me out of action on the birding front other than checking out the local berry trees from the car and failing to see anything.It was recovering nicely till I contacted man flu which included a persistent heavy duty cough.A cough is no help at all when you are recovering from back problems as each cough tenses the back muscles up and agony ensues similar to being struck in the back by a black belt karate champion.

So I've been very down in the dumps.In fact the last time I was so depressed was when the Pesky Warbler sorry the Dusky Warbler was at Marsh Lane a few years ago and I went down three days on the trot and all I ended up with was a blurred shot of it's tail.

Too keep this blog going I've trawled through my shots and got out a few of my favourite birds Raptors. 

I love Red Kites and I find it a bit sad that they are still pretty rare in our neck of the woods.I go down to Watlington in the Chilterns every year to see them.Took these shots in May this year. 

Went to a horse paddock near Stoke in July 2015 to get this lifer Red-footed Falcon. 

Was in the Steetley hide at Brandon Marsh in August 2015 and after seeing nothing for over an hour this Marsh Harrier suddenly turned up over the reeds about 50m away.

Common Buzzards often cruise round Marsh Lane.Took this shot in August 2015.

Fortunately at Marsh Lane a Peregrine often shows up but you have to be lucky to pick it up as it flashes by.This shot taken in July this year.

Without doubt Hobbies are one of my favourite birds so entertaining and such great fliers.Took these shots in September 2015 at Marsh Lane.

Ospreys are great birds specially when yo can watch them fishing.This one spent a few days at Upton Warren in September 2012

Kestrels don't seem to be so common in recent years.Took this shot a Draycote Water in September 2009.

Spent many an hour waiting patiently to get a glimpse of a Montagu's Harrier at a lay by just north of South Creake in Norfolk.Had quite a few sightings but never managed a decent shot though.Took these shots in June 2010 

Sparrowhawks are fairly common but I got my best shots of one from an upstairs window when one visited my back garden in March 2010

I was present in November 2011 when a White-tailed Eagle paid a visit to Draycote Water.Got this shot on the Farborough Bank.What a magnificent bird and what impressive claws.It was on the arm of a handler though.

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