Sunday, 13 November 2016


Am still out of action so here are a few more pics from the recent past.

When on a Saturday morning in Norfolk in June 2015 as I was waiting for ages to get a shot of a very uncooperative Marsh Warbler I received a text telling me a Melodious Warbler was showing at Marsh Lane. Couldn't get down there until the following Monday but luckily it was still there.In fact it stayed for quite a while.Got this shot on the 16th.

I've been lucky enough to see Yellow Browed Warblers several times over the years usually in Norfolk but never been able to get even a half decent shot.When I found out one had been over wintering in 2015 at a sewage works at Sedgeberrow near Evesham I went over on the 25th March there to try my luck.Didn't see another birder all day but luckily I managed a few decent shots.

A Red-footed Falcon had been showing well at a horse paddock just north of Stoke for quite a while in the Summer of 2015.I didn't fancy going because of a hatred of the M6 but after being persuaded by another birder I took the plunge on the 23rd July.Only one other birder was there when I eventually found the place but the bird was still there.

A pair of Penduline Tits had been showing well earlier this year in a reed bed near Gloucester but I put off going because of the distance but when a decent mornings weather looked on the cards on the 10th February I shot down there.There were no other birders about when I got there but it wasn't too long before I managed some decent shots. 

I'd never seen a Purple Heron before so when my good friend Pete Walkden offered me lift down to Otmoor to see one I jumped at the chance.We had to be very patient and very lucky because we were in the right spot when it popped up for a very rare short flight before hiding in the undergrowth again. 

I'd only got some pretty poor shots of a Hoopoe before so I was not too confident when I drove over the border into Worcestershire on the 22nd April earlier this year where one had been seen in a horse paddock.Had to wait an age on a bitterly cold morning and then had to thread the lens through a hedge but did get some decent shots.

In June 2015 I ignored a friends text that a Grey Phalarope was showing at Brandon Marsh because I'd got loads of shots of these chaps.It wasn't till he rang me to point out that it was in Summer plumage that I realised I'd been an idiot not to have gone straightaway.When I finally arrived the place was heaving but after a long wait managed a few shots.

I love Short-eared Owls and am prepared to have a go if any are about. I've seen them in several places over the years and this shot was taken on 23rd November 2011 I think in Hanging Horton. 

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