Sunday, 11 December 2016


Had no intention of going out with the camera on Friday as it was very damp and gloomy but I had to pick up a prescription in Knowle so I thought I might as well have a quick look as I'm out.Got there just before 10.00 AM to find the place empty and the weather as expected overcast and damp.

Did have some luck along the old road where I spotted some Redwings in the trees just past the cottages.Got some decent shots considering how gloomy it was.

There were some more Winter Thrushes along the causeway but my search for a Dusky Thrush failed.Did get a distant shot of a Fieldfare though.

Spent a long time on the Oak hide waiting patiently for something good to show in the marsh but did not see a single bird.Had a bit of luck in the CP hide when I spotted a male and two female Goosanders at the back of one of the islands.A bit distant for decent shots but nice to see all the same.

The only other shots I managed were of a Cormorant that came fairly close.

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