Thursday, 8 December 2016


When I started this blog I decided I would post a report even when I had a poor day out with the camera.This was a good decision as lately I've had a lot of poor days out with the camera and yesterday was no exception as nothing was playing ball.

I paid another visit to Marsh Lane yesterday morning getting there just before 10.00 AM.The weather was the first thing not to play ball because the sunny weather in Knowle as I set out had gone and it was misty and very damp.

Thought I had spotted a rarity on the CP pool ( a cross between a male Mandarin and a Mute Swan) but alas no.

It wasn't till I was in the RW hide with my good friend John Hunt that I had cause to switch the camera on when John spotted a very pale Common Buzzard a long way off down the tree line but it didn't play along and never came any closer.Would have made a decent shot.

A Sparrowhawk also was in the railway embankment trees and a long way off.It also didn't play ball and when it flew off it was away from us.

A Kestrel also didn't play ball when it flew over the causeway and headed away as fast as it could. 

Had a bit of fun trying to get some shots of a Wren from the N causeway hide.It was not easy as it was hopping around all the time.Certainly not keepers but I was quite pleased with the shots as it was very gloomy in the reeds.

As I drove out of the CP gate I spotted a large flock of winter Thrushes that were flitting around the trees along the old road.Tried for ages to get some shots but the birds would not play ball and were far too lively for me to get a decent shot.This is all I could get.

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