Sunday, 4 December 2016


Although I'm still struggling to shake of a bout of man flu and my back is still not OK I was so fed up with staying in I ventured out with the camera on Saturday morning for the first time in quite a while.I went over to Marsh Lane getting there mid morning to find only a couple of cars in the car park and the weather chilly and overcast.

I was dead keen to get the camera into action to prevent it seizing up with lack of use but the CP pool was very quiet and the only shot available was of some Cormorants.

Could find no action in either of the causeway hides and although the RW pool was full of ducks again I struggled to get any shots away. A Sparrowhawk sent everything up but I was too slow and only got a shot as it flew off into the distance.A little later a Peregrine sent everything up but it was miles away and all  got was a very distant shot.

From the RW hide I spotted a distant Green Woodpecker sitting on the fence.

There were plenty of Redwings in the railway tree line but annoyingly stayed a long way off.When one came a little closer it soon flew off.Pleased though as I got my first shots of one this winter.

On the walk back a Cormorant flew low over my head.

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