Friday, 6 January 2017


On Thursday morning I very bravely paid a visit to Ice Station Marsh Lane getting there at 9.30 AM.The temperature in the car park was -4 degrees C.There was only one other birder brave enough to come out and visit Marsh Lane that morning.

The CP pool was frozen up and only a few Lapwings were on the islands.Spotted a Yellowhammer as I walked along the causeway but although I went into stealth mode it spotted me and flew off before I could get close and get a decent shot. 

The RW pool was also frozen over but there were several hundred ducks on the only bit of open water.In the marsh there was a lone Common Snipe asleep which I found amazing as here I was wrapped up in several layers and still freezing cold and this little bird was fast asleep in the open.

Had some fun and games in the back gate coppice where I found a few Siskins in the Alder trees.I was very keen to get some shots as these were the first Siskins I'd caught up with this winter.    

Getting shots though was not plain sailing as the birds were always high up in the trees, there were loads of twigs in the way, they never stayed still and my fingers were frozen so I had trouble pressing the focus button on the camera.Took loads of crappographs and amassed a large quantity of twig shots but did get a few shots.

Also among the Siskins were a pair of Bullfinches.Only managed a shot of the female.

The RW hide was like being in a large freezer but luckily there was a bit of action outside to keep me from getting frostbite.There were a couple of Fieldfares and a lone Redwing flitting around. 

There were some more Bullfinches on the RW embankment but they wouldn't come close.

A visit to the river hide to see the Cetti's Warbler and the Stonechat ended again in failure but a Wren and a Song Thrush provided some entertainment.

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