Sunday, 8 January 2017


I was so fed up with staying in that on Saturday lunchtime although it was damp and very gloomy I went over to Marsh Lane getting there just before 1.00 PM.

When I arrived I wasn't to know that it had been a bad mistake to go there because that evening I received an e-mail from the Fair Weather Birders club that I had been expelled.They cited my visit there when it was -4 degrees C on Thursday and this visit when there were such poor conditions.

Spotted a Peregrine when still in the CP but when I tried to focus on it it disappeared in the very low cloud.There was a Little Egret on the CP pool. 

There were a few Yellowhammers along the causeway but so difficult to focus on.

I quickly visited all the other hides but it was getting even more gloomy and it was only 1.45 PM.Then quite quickly a  mist started to form over the water (I believe this is known as an Advection mist which forms when warm air is over cold water).

I was on the reserve on my own as no one else was stupid enough to come out in such conditions.The mist was thickening up and things were getting very eerie.Panic began to set in.I know all about Water Sprites, Ghosts , Ghouls and the like that love these conditions so I dashed to the car and got out of there.

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