Monday, 23 January 2017


Went to Marsh Lane this morning getting there at 10.15 AM.There were two surprises as I parked up the first one was it was sunny and the second one no one else was there.

After an hour walking around in the pleasant sunny but cold weather all I got on the camera front was a shot of a Robin and a shot of a Grey Heron that was so close to the Oak hide the shot below is direct out of the camera with no editing at all.

Nick Barlow and I were the only regular birders who had not caught up with the resident Stonechat. This changed for me this morning when I spotted it in a bush on the riverside of the river hide.It had gone a bit dull by this time but I was very chuffed to have at last caught up with it and able to get some shots.

The causeway has been very good lately for seeing Yellowhammers but I've found it very hard to get close enough to them to get a decent shots.Did OK this morning pity though the sun had disappeared.

This Song Thrush gave a very classy concert along the causeway at midday.

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