Friday, 20 January 2017


My good friend Kath Everitt had gone to Stow in the Wold last Saturday and got some good shots of the Blue Rock Thrush that had been showing on the roofs of a small housing estate there so this morning as soon as I saw it was sunny off I went.It would be a lifer for me.

My worry was if it was still there because I'd seen no recent reports on the internet.My worries were compounded as I drove down Fishers Close (the road where it is usually seen) and saw only one birder.I parked up and went back but the birder had gone.I checked the rooftops the birder had been checking and saw this bird a long way off.Was it the Blue rock Thrush ? I wasn't sure. 

It soon flew off so I had a short walk round to check other rooftops but had no luck.When I returned to the original spot there was a bird pretty close on a rooftop.Surely not the Blue Rock Thrush I'm not that lucky. I've learned lesson not to worry about ID just rattle of a few shots just in case.

A birder suddenly appeared by my side attracted by seeing me taking shots and said "Bloody hell that's it well done".Little did he know I wasn't sure I'd got the right bird.

It then flew off to it's original spot so I thought I'd drive round and see if I could find it and get a closer look.It shouldn't be too hard it looked like the house it was on was down Maugersbury Park.All I'd got to do was find the house with a TV aerial.As it turned out they all had TV aerials but I eventually found the right house. 

It remained partly hidden for a while but after a bit of a wait it showed much better.

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