Friday, 27 January 2017


Fed up with failing to see any Waxwings locally this winter I thought I'd better make the effort and go further afield so this morning I headed off in pretty gloomy weather to Wolston a village not that far from Brandon Marsh.

I was not too confident of seeing one as the flock seen earlier in the month on some Rowan berries had been reduced the last few days to a single bird.Found the berry tree but was a bit dismayed to find no other birders there.Not looking good.

Parked up and waited patiently but after the best part of an hour all I'd seen on another tree was a Fieldfare.


Another half an hour went by and as waiting patiently is not my thing I was thinking of giving in when I spotted a bird high up in another tree.It was a Waxwing.I got out the car and rattled off a few shots.

It then flew off but instead of going to the berry tree it flew to the top of the same tree.It was not playing ball.

It suddenly flew down into the berry tree.So I got some decent shots then ?  No it ate 2 berries and did this not to be seen again.Still great to see as always and I'm pleased with the shots particularly as the bird was very high up a tree.  

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