Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Just before I set off for Marsh Lane this morning I got a text from Nick " 19 Waxwings in BGC" .I had to contact the code breakers at Bletchly Park before I knew that BGC was the Back Gate Coppice.

As I drove along the old road a trio of birders were watching 3 Waxwings in an oak tree near the CP gate but they flew off as I approached.Was I going to miss out again ?? 

Parked up and headed down to the BGC.On the way I spotted a Water Rail with a snack as it scurried across the front of the N Causeway hide.

Had no luck finding Waxwings down in the BGC or near the RW hide so I trundled back to the old road and joined a couple of birders near the berry tree just past the CP gate.Didn't have to wait too long before 23 flew to the top of a nearby oak tree.A few minutes later they all dropped down to a small berry bush to feed.

Very pleased to see my first Marsh Lane Waxwings and to get some decent shots.Even managed some shots of the ringed bird (Ringed in Aberdeenshire in January so I'm told).

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