Monday, 6 March 2017


After doing the week's shopping in Sainsbury's this morning I popped over to Marsh Lane again getting there at 10.00 AM.

In the car park I was told that just half an hour earlier there were 19 Waxwings in the tree next to the gate.Damn missed them again.They showed up again later but I was elsewhere.

In the N causeway hide I heard the Cetti's singing again but did not see it.What I did see were 3 Water Rails that suddenly dashed out of the reeds but they were so quick that I only managed one so so shot before they shot back into the reeds.

On the RW pool there were a couple of Egyptian Geese but they were asleep.

It wasn't too long before they woke up only to be attacked by the BH Gulls but I did get some decent shots.

Walking back along the causeway I spotted a Chiffchaff which is pretty early for these chaps.It was too flighty for me to get any keepers but so good to see in early March. 

Back in the CP hide there was a GBB Gull showing.Don't see many of these at Marsh Lane.

A long way off you could just about pick out a Redshank.

Whilst in the CP hide a couple of Common Buzzards came near to the hide for a change so I grabbed the camera and dashed outside.Managed some decent shots particularly when one flew right over my head.I overbalanced of course.

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