Thursday, 13 April 2017


On Wednesday morning I decided to go down to Marsh Lane early hoping I could find something new that had dropped in.Got there just after 7.30 AM to find it overcast and the damn cold westerly wind was still blowing.

I was lucky again along the causeway and managed some more shots of the Linnets that sometime perch there.

Further along the causeway I stood patiently by the tree the Cetti's Warbler frequents determined not to be beaten again by him this time.

After 20 minutes it was calling loudly from the tree so all I'd got to do was to wait until it comes to the open bit of the tree as it usually does.Not this time dammit. It cut short it's usual circuit and flew off.I did get a couple of so so shots before it flew off.

A Sedge Warbler was again singing on the reeds from the river hide but it would not come close for me.Probably fed up with the cold weather like me.

In the car park I tried to warm up by trying for some shots of Sand Matins that were zooming around.

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