Monday, 29 May 2017


Early on Sunday morning I went to a local churchyard where last year I found a pair of my favourite summer visitors Spotted Flycatchers nesting.After an hour's patient wait I had no luck.Looks like they are not coming back this year.Oh Dear !!!

The visit was not a total failure.A Nuthatch showed very briefly high up on the church roof.

Also a Treecreeper landed on a nearby tree but annoyingly stayed on the gloomy side of the tree.

Early afternoon I went over to Marsh Lane.The two Med Gulls  (a 1st and 2nd Summer I believe) were showing but a long way off. 

The good news was that the pair of Garganeys reported in the morning were still on the RW pool.The bad news was that despite waiting patiently for ages they stayed in the channel in front of Tern island. This is a long way off and is mostly hidden from view from the oak hide.Could not get even a half decent shot.

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