Friday, 26 May 2017


As I was not doing too well locally with the camera I thought I'd better make the effort and head off somewhere that would guarantee seeing some good birds. Hadn't yet made my annual trip into the Chiltern Hills for the Red Kites so I headed off to Watlington early yesterday morning down the M40.

Pulled into the free car park in Watlington at just after 9.00 AM and noticed straightaway that the Red Kites taking advantage of the warm weather were cruising high in the sky.Had to be more patient than usual but eventually some came down a bit lower so I could grab a few shots.Cracking birds.   

Very pleased a bit later on when on a bit of a walk round I spotted one perched in a tree.Not got any decent shots of one perched in a tree.

The first Rook I've photographed for quite a while perched in a tree along one of the roads at the back of the car park.

Back in the car park I could hear a Red Kite calling close by but I'm blowed if I could see it.It was in a tree right behind me.More perched shots.

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