Friday, 12 May 2017


Went over to Marsh Lane early again on Thursday getting there just before 7.00 AM.It was sunny and not too cold.

Saw a Reed Warbler again from the N Causeway hide.It showed well briefly. 

The RW pool from Oak hide was pretty quiet and the only shots I took was when a couple of BH Gulls took exception to a Redshank.

I soon ended up in the RW hide where I was keen to get some more shots of some Common Whitethroats. As before I opened all the flaps and waited till I heard one call and then hop over to the nearest flap and hope one was showing well.Great fun but they do not hang about long in one spot.

Did OK after a while but did not get one posing close to the hide.  

Finally one did come very close and I was able to get some decent shots.Pity about the twigs though and the light was a bit dodgy.

After well over an hour I decided to leave the hide.Just as I closed the door my good friend John Hunt arrived closely followed by Brian Harris.As we chatted outside the hide a Lesser Whitethroat suddenly appeared on the RW embankment.We dashed back in the hide to wait for 
it to show again.

Didn't have to wait long before it showed right at the top of the embankment.

Not much later two of them (a pair we thought) showed very briefly a bit lower down the bank.

Not my best shots but I was very pleased to get some shots of a Lesser Whitethroat as I struggle to get them in the open every year.I usually only hear them calling.Walking back via the back gate coppice we heard and then spotted a Garden Warbler giving a concert.My first of the year.

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