Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Went over to Marsh Lane early this morning getting there just after 7.00 AM.There was no one else there.Although there was frost on my neighbour's car it was not cold as the wind was not blowing for a change and it was sunny.

A Cormorant was enjoying the sunshine on the CP pool and in the distance a Fox was looking for some breakfast.

Very pleased when in the N Causeway hide a Reed Warbler showed well and I was able to get some decent shots for the first time this year.A Sedge Warbler also showed briefly

Spent quite a while in the Railway hide waiting patiently for one of the Common Whitethroats to come into range so I could get my first shots of the year.Managed a couple of shots but they would not come close.

Finally one did close but I struggled with the light a bit.Great birds.Great to see again. 

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