Saturday, 6 May 2017


Went over to my local patch Marsh Lane Thursday morning getting there at 8.00 AM.It was a sunny and the ever present northerly wind was blowing.

It was pretty quiet on the birding front but I did OK in the Oak hide when a Sedge Warbler for a change came pretty close and I managed some decent shots.

There has been a Grasshopper Warbler on the reserve for a week or two now but I've not known exactly where it had been seen. "Behind the Oak hide" was a bit vague.

However with the help of good friend Brian Harris as guide I went after it.It turned out it was "Off piste" and an Indiana Jones style trek was required to get there.This is nowadays is way outside my comfort zone. I had to climb down a muddy bank, cross a stream with an unstable log as a stepping stone, climb up a muddy bank and step over a barbed wire fence which sprung back and stabbed the back of my leg.When was my last Tetinus jab ?? Good job Brian was there to help. 

We then crossed one field  and into the next where the Gropper could be heard reeling away.As usual with these chaps you can never spot them and all I got after a patient wait was this super crappograph.

To prove that I have got some decent shots of a Grasshopper Warbler at Marsh Lane here's one I took earlier. Much earlier in fact June 2008 when this one skulked in the CP bushes for ages before showing very briefly.If it hadn't been for that birding legend Steve Seal I wouldn't have waited for over 2 hours for it to show.

A few minutes ago a Grey Heron was doing some local pond hopping but it's visit to my neighbour's pond was unsuccessful and his Koi Carp were safe.

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