Thursday, 8 June 2017


When I heard that Wednesday would be the best day of the week weather wise I grabbed the camera and went over to Marsh Lane getting there just before 9.00 AM.It was very windy.

I hate windy weather when out birding but I cheered up a lot when I spotted loads of Swifts zooming round the CP pool area.Swifts are high up on my list birds I'd need to get some decent shots of so I wasted no time in taking them on.So how did I do after rattling off loads of shots ? Very badly unless you want some empty sky shots so I still have not got a decent Swift shot.Far too quick for me.These are my least bad shots. 

My good friends the Lesser Whitethroats were still performing on the RW embankment despite the strong wind blowing.As usual they didn't come close so no decent shots but great to watch.

Just as I was changing my shoes before leaving I had to hobble to the car front seat to grab the camera as a Kestrel had appeared above my head.Managed a few shots from an unusual angle before it zoomed off.

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