Saturday, 3 June 2017


It was late morning earlier today and I was in a bad mood.I'd returned from an earlier visit to my local patch Marsh Lane and had seen very little even the Med Gulls were not showing and the Lesser Whitethroats were very elusive.I did not use the camera at all.

What was making my bad mood even worse was I was trying to remove a bush in my back garden.It  had the root system from hell.The roots were made of steel and went down to centre of the earth. I was in the middle of some very heavy duty swearing when I heard a bird singing very close.I knew that high thin song.It was a Goldcrest a very rare visitor to my garden.

Dashed into the house (with muddy shoes) and grabbed the camera.It was still singing and I spotted it very quickly.It was very close and I was able to grab my first decent shots of one in my garden.The disappointing morning at my local patch and the bush from hell were forgotten.Thank you Goldcrest.    

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