Tuesday, 11 July 2017


I've put this blog under a fancy heading this time to cover up the fact that on yesterday morning's visit there the only bird I managed to take a shot of was a very friendly Sedge Warbler on the reeds in front of the N Causeway hide.This then allows me to post a few more shots of a Sedge Warbler than I would normally post.

Now moving away from Marsh Lane Reed Warblers I recently received a couple of shots from 2 family members both non birders and both using the camera on their phones.

The first shot was taken by my brother whose wife's cousin lives in a barn conversion in the wilds not far from Studley. Barn Owls have nested in the barn again this year.They can say they have Barn Owls nesting in their house.How cool is that ! ! !This shot was taken very recently when the RSPB turned up to do some ringing.

This shot was taken earlier in the week by my youngest son who is holidaying with his French fiancee in Gibraltar.Taken on his hotel balcony.I'm told it is a Yellow Legged Gull.

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