Friday, 7 July 2017


As I've said before I love Spotted Flycatchers but this year I've struggled to catch up with them and only a tip from John Hunt put me onto a pair at Charlecote Park a week or two ago.

I found a pair last year in the churchyard at the NT property at Baddesley Clinton but this year after checking it out several times all I've seen there has been one and then only for a few seconds.

As Baddesley Clinton is very local to me and as I'm a NT member I often tootle over there for a bit of birding.I popped over this morning but instead of going to the churchyard I decided to check out the grounds.Within a few minutes and just past the house moat  near the stream I saw a Spotted Flycatcher.How good am I ! ! ! Alright then.How lucky am I ! ! !

The pair favoured the rather gloomy area round the stream so pics unlike when they were in the churchyard last year were a bit tricky to get.Had to be patient and I managed some decent ones.    

Other pics taken recently included a Reed Warbler (At Marsh Lane)

And a Treecreeper that ventured into the SF's area this morning.

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