Thursday, 28 September 2017


Been down to Marsh Lane the local patch a couple of times since the excitement of seeing the Little Stint on Tuesday but things have been very quiet so few shots to post.

Did have a bit if success in the N Causeway hide where a Little Grebe was having some luck in catching it's breakfast.

A Water Rail also showed very briefly.It was so close that I was lucky to focus on it. 

After that despite staying for a couple of hours I did not need to use the camera again.I did have some success without knowing it for certain when I was in the oak hide for a last look before leaving I thought I saw a Little Stint very briefly in flight.It was a long way off so I dismissed it as wishful thinking but much later near lunchtime I heard that it had been seen by a couple of birders.

Here is a shot I took earlier of a Little Stint.Much earlier in fact on 18th September 2010 at Titchwell.This will have to do I'm afraid.

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