Saturday, 10 March 2018


Went over to Marsh Lane Friday morning despite it being a bit misty.Got there at 9.30 AM to find the mist clearing but it was pretty gloomy.

On the CP pool there were 5 types of gull.A lone GBB Gull,several LBB Gulls ,a lone Herring Gull and a lone Common Gull among the dozens of BH Gulls

Despite joining up with two top birders (John H and Glen G) for the rest of the morning nothing of note was spotted.

On the way back to the car park along the causeway my luck changed and I found a Goldcrest hopping around in the bushes.Although it was still gloomy and the bird was on the wrong side of the path for the light I managed a few decent shots.

I soon lost sight of the Goldcrest but soon spotted a Sparrowhawk very high in the sky over the car park.Managed a few shots no keepers but I was pleased with the shots as it was still pretty gloomy and the bird insisted on staying at plane level.

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