Saturday, 17 March 2018


Friday morning wanting a change from Marsh Lane I drove the short journey to Brueton Park in Solihull to see if anything was about.

Got there not long after 10.00 AM to find it pretty gloomy and very muddy but the good news was there were few people there which means that there were not many dogs about.Often at Brueton park there are more dogs than people.

There were surprisingly not many birds on the lake but at the far end I found a couple of Goosanders. A female adult with I think a juvenile. The good news was that they both came fairly close but the bad news was that at that end of the lake it can be very dull in the mornings.Still great to see.

Just as I was leaving the hybrid Whooper Swans turned up.These have been fooling people for many years into thinking they are Whooper Swans.There was a couple there that morning who had to be put right.Mind you many years ago when I first saw them I was confused.

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