Monday, 26 March 2018


Went over to my local patch Marsh Lane this morning getting there at just after 9.00 AM to find I had the pace all to myself.There was good news straightaway it was warm there was no wind and the sun was shining.This was the first time I hadn't been cold there since last October.  

Didn't have much luck with the camera for a while.All I'd got was a shot of the numerous Reed Buntings on the reeds.

As I walked round the back gate coppice I heard a Chiffchaff singing it's heart out.I spent the next half hour trying to get some shots but it was a struggle.The bird was high up in the trees and was hopping around like crazy.I think it must of spent the Winter doing a Goldcrest hopping course.This is all I could get in over half an hour.

Back in the Oak hide I found the Med Gull that had been seen the day before.This is quite a feat as the islands are carpetted with hundreds of BH Gulls.Managed a few heavily cropped shots,

Back along the causeway whilst I was trying to get shots of a Goldcrest and failing a Chiffchaff landed in a tree right in front of me.It could have been the one I'd seen earlier because it was hopping around like crazy as well.Did much better with shots this time.Cracking birds great to see each Spring.

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