Monday, 23 April 2018


Decided early this morning to go after the Ring Ouzel that had been at Little Packington for a few days now but had I yet again left it too late and it had moved on.

Got there not long after 7.30 AM and saw that there were no other cars parked.OH Dear not looking good.

Went through the kissing gate and scanned the field it was on last year through the first gap in the hedge.No site of it after 10 minutes.Must have gone.Damn.

Then I made a big mistake that I seem to do regularly I slipped out of stealth mode and strode down the path to the next gap in the hedge.It was there only 15m  away.Of course it flew off.Damn I could have at last got a decent shot of one of these chaps.

It reappeared not too long later but stayed 50m away so no decent shots and no keepers.Still even though I cocked things up great to see again this year. 

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