Saturday, 9 June 2018


Still struggling not only with a painful back but finding decent birds locally.

I hobbled round Baddesley Clinton NT property on Thursday trying to find some Spotted Flycatchers but none were showing at the two places I found them last year.In fact it was a struggle to find any birds to point the camera at.All I got were shots of these two chaps both on the roof of the main house. 

In the field by the church there were a few House Martins racing round.They were too quick for me so I got a lot of blurred shots.These were my best efforts.

A quick visit Friday lunchtime to Marsh Lane failed to find any new birds.Did  OK though with some shots of a Reed Warbler from the N Causeway hide.

There lots of Tern Chicks on the CP pool main island and they continue to show interest in the Tern boxes that Ben Dolan erected earlier in the year.