Saturday, 16 June 2018


Went over to Marsh Lane a couple of times this week and as we are now in the bad period for birding |I was not expecting to see much.

On Monday morning I had the place to myself and as expected I didn't use the camera much.Did get a decent shot of a Reed Warbler though. 

On the CP pool it was nice to see quite a few Common Tern chicks some of them showing recently added rings.

Went down there again early Friday morning.There were 6 Swifts whizzing around the CP pool and I couldn't resist trying for some shots.What a game that is.Among the masses of blank sky shots I managed a couple of recognizable ones. 

Got a couple of decent shots of a Reed Warbler on the reeds in front of the N Causeway hide.


There were 4 Common Redshanks on the CP pool.Two of them obligingly liked to fly round the CP  hide. 

One of the Redshanks landed on the fencing just to the back of the hide.It was very close.

Just before I left I called in again to the CP hide but this time right by the door 2 bouncers were on guard. 

The ringers had recently ringed some of the Tern chicks and the lone Oystercatcher chick.A bit distant but I managed some shots

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