Thursday, 13 September 2018


At Marsh Lane early on Wednesday morning there were two bits of good news.The first was that the fencing had already been erected to keep out the cattle so Marsh Lane NR was safe.

The second bit of good news came to light after a walk round : A pair of Green Sandpipers dropped onto the CP pool and even better a Great White Egret was first spotted on the RW pool and then moved to the CP pool.

Couldn't get a decent shot of the Green Sandpipers but nice to see.

Got quite a few shots of the Great White Egret which isn't hard as they are so large.Here are a selection.

Went down again this morning but it was very quiet.Still I was able to try out the new camera kit which I am very slowly getting to grips with.A Wren came close but would not keep still.

Had a go at flight shots which were OK but I did pick easy subjects

Not mentioned the back garden feeding station for a while mainly because visitor numbers have dropped to virtually nil which is very annoying as I have nothing to practice using the camera on.